Welcome to Doggy Do's and Don'ts

Presented by The Humane Society of

South Coastal Georgia

Duration: 6 week program
Cost: $150
Time: Tuesdays, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM beginning May 22
Sign-Up:  912-264-6246 ext. 109


Doggy Do’s and Don’ts is a six week training program and we hope that you will find the classes to be fun, informative and ultimately useful in forming a constructive and lasting bond with your dog.


Week One 

Registration and Orientation:  Sorry no Doggys allowed.   The first week is a get to know each other session in which we will discuss the manner in which the class will be conducted. Also some positive reinforcement clicker training will be presented and explained in detail.

Week Two 

Sit happens:   Body language and how we communicate with our dogs.  At this class you will begin practicing your clicker skills in teaching a sit, down and the sit, down, stay behavior. 

Week Three

The other end of the leash :   You will learn basic leash handling skills and begin teaching your dog to walk calmly on leash and not to pull. 

Week Four

Let’s talk health and nutrition for a minute:    After learning how to keep your Doggy strong and healthy you will learn the techniques of teaching a reliable recall in all situations. This is a vital skill that you and your dog must master for the safety of all concerned.  

Week Five

Safety is important for all of us:   You will learn the "leave it" commands.  You will also learn good manners at the door and the all so important proper greeting of a stranger.  There will also be time to practice any behaviors that may need a little more work.

Week Six

You, Your dog and the Law:  We will talk about the local Glynn County Ordinances on dog ownership, liability, and being a responsible Pet Parent.  Then it’s on to the conclusion of the program by having each student /dog team show what they have learned during the course by:                

  • Demonstrating a sit and a down.
  • Hold a stay (sit or down) for 30 seconds at the end of the leash and then return to their handler when recalled. 
  • Walk a prescribed pattern around the training area on leash without pulling.
  • Demonstrate a wait at the door and proper greeting of a stranger
  • Hand your dog to an evaluator and walk 20 feet away.  Call your dog.  She must come directly to you and sit in front of you while you attach her leash.


We will finish with a graduation ceremony and presentation of diplomas.

About the Trainer:    Roy Scarborough

Certified Mentor Trainer

Animal Behavior College


Roy  has been associated with the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia, Inc.  (HSSCG) since the late 1980’s.  He has provided training for volunteers and staff in canine behavior and training  and has served three full terms on the Board of Directors for the HSSCG.  In 2010 Roy  was appointed as the Trainer/Behaviorist for (HSSCG) by the President of the Board of Directors. 

Animal Behavior College (ABC) of Northbridge, CA hired Roy to train their students who were completing their Dog Training Certification Program back in 2003.  In 2006 he was granted the Status of Certified Mentor Trainer, and now all graduating students from ABC in the Southeast Georgia area serve an eight week internship with him before they can be certified as a professional dog trainer.

Roy is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers since it was started by Dr. Dodman in the 1990’s as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  He is a certified Trainer and Evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen and Canine Community Citizen Programs since 2010 and his current certification is valid through June 2021.

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